Real-Time Lead Routing

Automatic lead routing is essential to the success of your sales strategy. Traction Complete routes your leads in real-time, allowing the right rep to respond rapidly and ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

Lead Routing

Account-based lead assignment is the backbone of a successful sales strategy.

Go Beyond Native Assignment Rules


We don't need to tell you that native Salesforce routing rules just don't get the job done.


Traction Complete's Lead Flow Builder allows you to visualize and update your lead routing strategy as your business needs evolve. Whether you need to route leads based on named account, lead owner, or round robin assignment, we've got you covered.



You don't want your newest Sales Development Rep cold calling your biggest customer. We make sure your inbound leads from named accounts get routed to the rep that knows them best.

Lead-to-Lead Owner Routing

When a lead enters Salesforce without an associated account, we make sure they're routed to the same rep. This way, you can keep a consistent point of contact and avoid messy commission splits.

Round Robin


Round robin assignment ensures that new leads are distributed equally between everyone on your sales team. With our simple weighting system, you can easily give more leads to higher performing reps.

Auto Lead


Complete allows you to automatically convert matched leads into a contact, account, and opportunity, based on criteria that you choose.

Change The Way You Sell